About Me - LombardsVision
Welcome to my personal photography collection.

How do I see the world through my camera? With my mind as the guiding energy and my eyes as the principal aperture, I see artistic possibilities everywhere I look – opportunities to connect with the world at an intimate level.

What constitutes a worthy photograph? The way the light expresses a moment in time that is unique and extraordinary. Or, sometimes not. Often, the moment is mundane, but nonetheless worthy of expression.

Does that mean that those who photograph are capturing time? Yes, in part. But, what else do we gather into our images? Color, shadow, texture, a juxtaposition of objects in space, all arranged within a distinctive point of view.

And, what else? My own particular vision and, at a very primal level, my own essence as a human being, worthy of having and forming a reaction to life that embraces and seeks to acknowledge everything that is my life.

What is the process of photography to me? An immediate and effective way to unite images with my consciousness.

Why do I want to share my photographs? It offers me many new ways to open myself to others. Everyone who knows me is well aware that I'm passionate about my business life. But, what everyone may not know is how I see art and poetry in everyday experience. A certain smile, a ray of light, the texture of a crumbling old barn in a meadow – all reveal secret passions that seek to express what the gift of being alive means to me.

Welcome to Lombard's Vision.

Mitchell Lombard

Image Maker